ACrafty Goodness – Crafty Organization continued!

Today’s ACrafty Goodness is a continuation of the fabu organizational ideas I’ve found around the internets lately.

One of my fave ideas that I have wanted to share for awhile - no fancy labels or anything to buy except the chalkboard paint and the chalk!  I found these amazing masons in my parents' basement, handed down from my great great aunt.  Painted the lids withMy husband, the cook in our house, is all over this idea for jam jar chalkboard storage lids from TheProjectGirl. He cooks a lot of Indian food and tiny spice jars just do not cut it for him (especially when he comes back from the store with the five pound bag of cayenne pepper!). Jars in all sizes with label-able lids are perfect for spices and other kitchen bulk items, and easily could be used for supplies in any kind of craft. My first thoughts tend toward buttons and beads, but then I think of woodworking, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, collage… the list is endless.

Blender leftoversFullFlowerMoon has this elegant little solution for storing leftover bits of yarn using clothespins. It’s so simple and she’s completely correct in saying they’re pretty enough to display this way! [Note: this is a potential before photo – click the link for a very cute after photo!]


About one-quarter of the way down this post, Karen from SewManyWays has this ingenious way to store thread bobbins. Even better is how she secures the thread using mini-hair scrunchies! She’s also got some great ideas on organizing needles.


DIY magnetic spice storageNext, CreatingKeepsakesBlog has this thorough article about organizing supplies. Although this blog is all about scrapbook supplies, some of these ideas would certainly apply to other crafts as well. About one-third down the page is a great idea about keeping supplies in magnetic spice canisters with clear lids. Name me a craft that doesn’t have some small supplies or tools involved! Yep, this would work for just about anyone. Just visualize these labels instead: red buttons, green buttons, perler beads, 3/8″ drill bits, silver findings, thimbles, etc…

Just below the spice canisters on the same page is a fabu idea for storing spools of ribbon on a multi-tiered rod style pants hanger. I believe this could work for other types of spools as well – threads, wires, chains, crepe streamers, etc.

However, the photo above is my favorite idea of the whole post – hanging craft bags with clip style pants hangers. This idea ties in perfectly with this post about stash-busting project bags from butyoucancallmemeg that I shared last week. You could store supplies for nearly any craft this way – yarn, fabric, felt, wool, wood pieces, jewelry supplies, paper, buttons, scrapbooking packs, etc., and you could certainly put multiple rods in one closet for even more capacity. You wouldn’t occupy any valuable floor space, and you can easily see what you’ve got in your stash without having to dig through boxes. I think this is just brilliant!

Hope you enjoyed the ideas in this edition of ACrafty Goodness – do you think you might use some of them?