Blazing Saddles Quote Framed and Ancora Imparo Update

My Blazing Saddles quote cross stitch project is framed and complete! She’s gorgeous – I couldn’t be happier with her. From starting the design to stitching every word and even to picking out the frame, it was a blast working on this project.
Blazing SaddlesThe framers told me they would notice the little things over time as they worked on it; the mane and tail on “horse,” the way the dash in “shit-kickers” was a pile of poop with flies over it, the steam coming out of “train,” how the “s” in “vipers” looked like a snake… all the little nuances I always hope that people will pick up over time.

She’ll be leaving me soon as she will be a Christmas gift. I’ll miss her, however I know where she will be and I can visit her anytime.

If you’re interested in the previous updates and more info on this Blazing Saddles quote project, here’s Update #1Update #2, Update #3, and Update #4.

And the patterns for individual words are available to purchase in my Etsy shop! Here is the listing for the word patterns and the listing for the alphabet pattern.

In other project news, I passed a major milestone on my Ancora Imparo project – ALL of the background fill is done! YEAY!

Ancora Imparo WIP #15

She’s still my fabulous monster at 22 to the inch… When I filled in all the background, I started with the gray letters first, then the inner red border, the light blue border next, the outer red border after that, and finally the ivory center fill. All this fill took a LONG time, and I just can’t tell you how nice it is to get this project closer to completion.

Up next: oodles of green backstitching representing vines that will join all of these isolated flowers into a more cohesive whole. The backstitching will entail a ton of careful counting, but I’m hoping it goes faster than the background fill. I can’t wait to see the finished project…