Blog Every Day in May 3 – 9

I’m participating in Rosalilium’s Blog Every Day in May in a modified way. I say “modified” as some of the topics I’ll combine into one post (like this one). The topics are just peachy, but it would be a struggle for me to make some of the topics interesting on their own. You might ask “what makes me think a combined post will be more interesting?” Good question! Let’s find out.

Day in the Life

Interview Q6To me, every day my husband and family are healthy and happy is a good day. A productive day starts online and ends with a bunch of stitching. I’ve got stitching projects to last me for years, and I’m eager to tackle them all. One thing I will say is that every day I try to do something I really don’t want to do. Be it paying bills or sweeping the floor or trying to streamline the possessions – I try to tackle at least one thing a day. It helps keep my head straight.

Five Fave Blogs

This is kind of tough as I mostly follow twitter feeds and pick and choose the posts that look interesting. However, I’ll throw this list out there:

  • ThisIsColossal – The name is not hyperbole – there’s some jaw-dropping art in the world, and Colossal is likely to find it
  • FastCoDesign – Consistently excellent
  • MrXStitch – U.K. manbroiderer Jamie Chalmers’ blog has opened my eyes to the astounding variety of stitching arts and crafts
  • PostSecret – Raw and unflinching way to empathize and sympathize with humanity
  • Fark – Snarky and funny – check out the 2012 Headlines of the Year winners

Fit and Healthy

On a normal week, I walk about 15 miles, do some time on a stationary bike, and take a 90 minute yoga class. Right now I feel the need to up the exercise and work in a daily 15 minute yoga routine. That’s something I really have to think about as I want to take it seriously and make a permanent part of my daily routine – not just for a couple of weeks.

lotus mudraI have to think that the yoga is good for crafting! The wrist exercises especially combat carpal tunnel and the whole program gets your body moving in ways you don’t normally move, thus fighting off repetitive motion injuries.


Interview Q7As for food, my husband and I eat pretty healthy. We don’t eat any fast food except for an occasional sub sandwich. And we just don’t buy junk food – no chips (crisps), no frozen meals, no candy bars. We do keep some dark chocolate in the house, and I do like to bake occasionally. My biggest weakness is the carbohydrates – rice, pasta, bread, and potatoes. Of course, some carbohydrates are necessary so I just try to limit how much I eat of these yummy things. Photo is of my kick-butt Kitchen-Aid mixer. His name is Bruce!

Bank Holiday

In the States, today is just another work day. Later this month will be Memorial Day, which unofficially marks the beginning of summer over on this side of the pond. Will I be doing anything special to mark the occasion? Probably not – just keep doing what I love to do, and that’s to stitch.

PetsScully dog resting her head on my husband's foot

We’re pretty darn dog happy around here. This is Scully. We became her people in February. She’s settling in well, don’t you think?dog Scully and my husband napping on the sofa

First Job

20030724 - USPS - staging area - mail pallet - 100-0001I worked at a greeting card factory for the better part of one summer. We would sort through tens of thousands of greeting cards sorting out printing flaws (ink blobs, misaligned colors, etc.). Sometimes there would be a few pallets (similar to the photo) of cards with a trace of ink dust on the inside. We would have to clean off the ink dust using paper towels and a tiny bit of water. Thousands of cards. Tedious.

They kept the factory cool and humid to keep the paper from curling, so we would have to wear sweaters to stay warm. Then at the end of the day, we would go outside to 85 degree temperatures at 15% humidity and feel our skin tighten as we left the building.

It wasn’t a bad job but it taught me very quickly that I did NOT want to do that for the rest of my life.

Favorite Social Media

Professionally, it’s Twitter, hands down. It’s a great way to see everyone’s stuff and quickly determine if it’s relevant for me.

Personally speaking, it’s Facebook, mainly to see photos and updates from my friends and family, especially those people with kids.

The next BEDM post is about Dream Travel. I’ve been lucky enough to have some great traveling experiences, so I’ll gather some highlights in another soon-to-come post.