Ancora Crafts dot com Version 2.0!

Welcome to the brand new Ancora Crafts dot com! The previous website was built on a purely e-commerce platform. Google has made recent changes to how they handle e-commerce websites – in short, they made it incredibly cost prohibitive for very small websites to effectively market though Google. Thus this change to a WordPress blog and all my e-commerce will be done through Etsy for now.

This actually makes my life a lot simpler. The Ancora Crafts e-commerce platform functioned well and looked good, but managing and updating two sets of listings was challenging. That, and the SEO on the e-commerce platform proved to be a lot of work. Etsy handles a lot of the SEO and the new Google Shopping requirements well. Thus begins a new adventure for me – blogging!

Of course, this has opened a whole Pandora’s box of issues and now I feel I’m at the beginning of a huge learning curve. I’m up to the challenge. I haven’t learned any new software in a long time, and I’m well overdue to tackle a web based project.

And so it begins…

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