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2013 crafty football blog hop

The idea for this Denver Broncos cross stitch project originated from the Fantasy Football League I’m in this season, the commissioner of which is none other than Diane of CraftyPod fame. Early in the season, we came up with the idea of a crafty football blog hop and invited others to join us. At the bottom of this post, you’ll see all the other fun projects that our group created. We’ve got knitters, multi-crafters, a tatter, and quilters in this mix of crafty participants. My contribution is this tutorial on how to create this cool Denver Broncos cross stitch!



  • A piece of 14 count Aida cloth measuring approximately 7 inches by 9 inches.
  • A skein each of DMC 6 strand floss in colors 820 (blue), 720 (orange), and White.
  • A needle for cross stitch – I use a #26 tapestry needle.

denver broncos cross stitch - broncos horse logoPattern: I designed this “D” pattern as the current team logo only has the word “Broncos” in their kick-butt font.



D chartI took parts of the letters in “Broncos” and rearranged them to make the “D” pattern you see (click to get the full page version).

This project uses the double stitch, and it combines a long cross stitch and a small cross stitch into a neat woven effect. The chart shows all the small cross stitches and how each row should begin and end (as some rows will end with partial stitches). I didn’t fill in all the long cross stitches on the chart as it just became too visually chaotic. You’ll understand when you take a closer look.

double stitch 1Stitching: Use two strands of your six strand floss. Start with the long cross stitches in blue, making sure you stitch over the tail of your floss on the back. Also, be careful that your top stitches are all in the same direction or your project will look uneven.

After creating this project, I recommend that you perform the long cross stitches in columns, not in rows as shown in the photo. It will make the orange short cross stitches much easier.

double stitch 2Very quickly you’ll see this groovy little pattern forming!





double stitch 3Stitch the long stitches first before filling in the orange short stitches.





double stitch 4After you finish the blue and orange stitches, you may want a little bit more texture in the background of the piece (I did). Continue the pattern of the orange small cross stitches in the background with the white floss. This is optional, but I think it greatly improves the appearance of the piece.


double stitch doneCouching: Double stitch done! Looks great, but there’s one more thing you may want to try: couching.

Like the stitching in the background, this too is optional. I had been wanting to try a couching stitch, so I thought this might be a good opportunity!


braidTo outline your “D” you will need to make about 18 inches of braid. Use all six strands of each of the three flosses. Knot each end to keep the braid from unraveling.

If you are considering outlining the inside of the “D” you will need about another 10 inches of braid.


couching 1The couching stitch is simple. Use a single strand of floss to secure the braid to the surface of the aida. I used the blue floss, but you could use the orange or the white – whichever you prefer.

Secure the blue floss on the back, then pass the needle up through the top left hole of the “D.” Bring the needle back down the same hole, securing the braid to the fabric.

couching 2Repeat this stitch every four holes around the perimeter of the “D,” keeping the braid flat and untwisted against the aida.

Take care that your couching stitches aren’t too tight as they may make the braid and even the fabric bulge and pucker.

When you get to the end of the couching, you will need to tie another knot in the braid and trim the ends of the braid to a length you like.

couching doneYou’re ready to mount and frame your “D”! has some basic instructions on mounting cross stitch – it’s a good place to start.
Denver Broncos Cross Stitch Project Done


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16 thoughts on “Denver Broncos Cross Stitch Tutorial

  1. Wow, Catherine, this is beautiful! The couching is such a pretty touch, and I love the little tassel it creates in the corner. This is a really cool stitch pattern, too – something I could use in… well… PC sometime. 🙂 Peyton would be pleased!

    • Thanks, Diane! I liked the little bit of 3D effect from the tassel as well. To me, the couching on the outside adds some interest. I looked at couching on the inside, but it made the D seem too “puffy,” if that makes any sense.
      And I’m glad you like the double stitch. I like it as the pattern is only one row at a time – makes it easier to look good when you’ve got odd numbers of rows in your pattern. There’s so many good needlepoint stitches that would look great in PC!

    • Thanks so much, Laura! I may have Peyton as the QB on my fave team, but you have him as your fantasy QB… Here’s to both of us and to his continued health!

  2. I like the tassel around the outside. Adorable frame too. So sorry Peyton didn’t do so well in Indy on Sunday night. However I’m pretty proud that the Colts played so well.

    • Thanks Tisha! I was hoping to find a dark blue frame but I was happy to find this white one. And yes, Sunday night was rather depressing, but your Colts did play very well. I still have high hopes for the Broncos!

    • Thanks Jeff! I think that couching stitch with the braid was really easy and a good way to add a little visual interest…

    • Go Broncos, for sure! I’m glad you like the stitches. This project measures roughly 4″ x 6″, probably too small for a pillow, unless the Easter Bunny is a Broncos fan. What size do you think you would make it?

    • Thanks Kim! Stitches like I used on this project make cross stitching a bit more fun than usual. I hope you try it someday…

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