Linky Goodness – Fine Cell Work, Crochet x 2, Quilting, and Scrapbooking

I re-directed this blog less than two weeks ago, and since then I’ve found some extraordinary articles and posts that clearly demonstrate how crafts can make us better people. I realize that I’ve just started to scratch the surface on the topic, and so on a regular basis I will make it a point to share the linky goodness I’ve found on these here interwebs.

Fine Cell Work

fine-cell-work-logoOne of my first inspirations is the amazing program in the U.K. prison system called Fine Cell Work. Prisoners are given training and guidance by volunteers, and they learn job skills and make a bit of extra money by creating some amazing pieces of needlework. Beyond that, their testimonials speak of learning patience, gaining focus and calmness, acquiring a sense of accomplishment and pride, and enjoying the “freedom of creativity.” In a most remarkable story by a man named Andy, he writes that “being able to stitch was a great way to take my mind off what was going on inside my head.”

Crochet Concupiscence

Kathryn Vercillo has a compelling story about how crochet saved her life. Her story is now a published book that also contains the story of two dozen women who crochet to heal. Her blog, Crochet Concupiscence, is a great mix of crochet inspiration, news, fashion, projects, interviews, and more. I’m certain I will feature more posts from her blog in the future. [Note: I’ve purchased her book and it’s being shipped to me as I write this. Stay tuned for a possible review…]


Quilter Sherri Lynn Wood has a very refreshing take “On Being Judged” on her Daintytime blog. Instead of accepting judgment on a piece either by others or by herself, she instead asks herself “…questions as a way to evaluate my work rather than judge it.” Simply brilliant. This is applicable to all areas of our lives, not just our crafts. I think her quilt RGB Modern (shown at right) is beautiful and vibrant (despite the judges comments)!


This post by Geekgirlcrochet describes how she uses, among other things, crochet to help her cope with anxiety and OCD issues. She shares her story not to garner sympathy, but instead as a genuine way to explain her situation and to help “…anyone out there who might be suffering in silence and not know how to help themselves or someone they love.”

She says: “Not only is creativity a means to release and express a lot of what you’re going through, it also is a great tool for getting out of your head. Simply making my mind focus on a challenge really redirects a lot of my anxiety.”


Scrapbook page #4My last linky goodness for today, this “Never be afraid to scrapbook yourself” post by Shimelle really resonates with me. I have never felt very photogenic – and she gives the best reasons I have ever encountered to just GET OVER IT. In a nutshell, we need to appreciate where we are and how we look NOW. You’ll just have to read her well-written post – it’s absolutely spot on.


Do you know of any inspirational craft blogs or posts that you would like to see in a future edition of linky goodness?

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  1. I like what you are doing here. Thanks for bringing all these resources for growing through craft together in one place.

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