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Last Friday, I had a massive A-HA! moment when contemplating the direction of this new blog.
The Better Idea

Thus far, I’ve pretty much been blogging about my own products. Lately, that’s been the introduction of my BeMores, which are great stitching and self-improvement products that I really believe in. However, I wasn’t comfortable just blogging about my own stuff. I wanted to make this a better blog.

This previous post explains WHY I created a blog, as does this article by The Chief Dodo. But when I read this post by Problogger (thanks to some linky goodness from CampfireChic), something clicked big time. This quote in particular threw my brain into overtime:

‘how can I convince people that I will write something tomorrow, next week or next month that they just can’t miss out on.’

I realized that the blog needs to be about something much greater than just my stuff. Of course, I can write posts about my works in progress and new product listings (and I will!). But the idea behind my BeMores is just the tip of the iceberg…

Crafts can help make us better people.

Crafts require patience, concentration, problem solving, and creativity (among other positive characteristics) – and best of all they’re FUN! There are millions of us crafty types out there, and I want to discover and share how crafts have affected our lives. THIS is how I will make a better blog.

So here at Ancora Crafts you’ll find me digging into some inspiring resources, interviewing fellow crafty people, and sharing some crafts that your better nature might find irresistible. I hope to see you join in this crafty adventure!

P.S. The first two interviews are underway and will be coming up on the blog soon (w00t)!

6 thoughts on “Making a Better Blog

  1. Looking forward to more posts! Crafts can definitely help make us better people I love my crafty time ‘cuz it’s kind of like meditation – time moves slowly, I relax and let my mind drift in a happy space. Ahhh.

    • “… let my mind drift in a happy space.” What a great image! And more posts are on their way, fo sho! Now working on a Spring-y themed one and my first interview…

  2. Love it! I’m looking forward to reading the interviews and watching your blog become deeper…. or will it have more layers like an onion? 😀

    • Thanks so much, Peggy – what a great compliment!!! The second interview will arrive early Friday, so stay tuned for that.

      “…layers like an onion” – never thought of it that way before, but I will now. My mental image thus far has been more like tree branches, so we’ll just have to see what happens!

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