Stitching Instructions

There are many people who have already written excellent stitching instructions with concise text and clear diagrams. For needlepoint, one website that has a lot of good information is For cross-stitch, is a good place to begin. You can also type “needlepoint instructions” or “cross stitch instructions” into your web browser, or investigate the multitude of needlepoint and cross stitch books available until you find some basic instructions that you’re comfortable with.

Here are some other links you might find helpful:

  • Needlepoint stitches: here
  • Cross stitch stitches: here
  • My own tutorial about using the Double Stitch: here
  • Working with alphabets/letter arrangement: here
  • Finishing needlepoint: here
  • Finishing cross stitch: here (This link may go to a page that says Leaving So Soon? If this message comes up, click the last link – after “Contine to your destination.”)