Craig Ferguson Cross Stitch Pattern

This Craig Ferguson cross stitch pattern is now available in my Etsy shop!craig ferguson cross stitch pattern the bastards don't own me

Craig Ferguson is the host of the Late Late Show, on after David Letterman’s Late Show on CBS. He is FUNNY. He doesn’t use a script – most of what he says is made up on the fly from some bullet points. His co-host is a gay robot skeleton named Geoff Peterson, and another character is Secretariat, two interns in a horse suit. If it sounds odd, it sure is – you really need to see the rampant silliness for yourself.

He has a big rebellious streak (his past includes drumming in punk bands and blackout drunkenness – he has now been sober for over 20 years). In being rebellious, he has some tattoos, one being the “Join, or Die” snake drawing by Benjamin Franklin (you can often see the tail of it on his right wrist). One night when asked why he has tattoos, he responded “Just to remind myself that the bastards don’t own me.”

As soon as he said it, I wrote it down. I think it’s a great sentiment for cubicle dwellers, employees of large companies… anyone working hard for a living and isn’t the boss. It’s for everyone who wants a good reminder that when that paycheck gets cashed, you call it even.

I often visualize someone with this cross stitch in a frame on their desk. A coworker happens to see it. At first glance it looks like a sweet little cross stitch sampler. But then they have to wonder if they really read it correctly. Yes, they damn well did!

Thanks to Craig Ferguson for the inspiration for this cross stitch pattern. I hope he and his team keep up the good work for many more years. Stay tuned for more Craig Ferguson cross stitch projects in the future!