Rock and Roll Patterns for Kids and Adults

These Rock and Roll patterns and kits are projects I designed for a few kids that are special to me. Let me explain: A lot of projects for new babies and kids are all in light blues and pinks and cute animals. And while there’s nothing wrong with that stuff, there’s already PLENTY of designs in that genre. I wanted to make something distinctive that would be cool for the kids and parents way longer than a year or two.

And a lot of these patterns are not just for kids! Sci-Fi aficionados, astronomy buffs, Deadheads, the Kiss Army and those channeling just Paul Stanley would get a kick out of these.

rock and roll pattern - Rock On“Rock On” was the first of these rock and roll patterns. I especially love the skull and crossbones and their variegated gray checkerboard background.





rock and roll pattern - Final FrontierNext up is “Final Frontier.” Of the four projects featured on this page, this is probably my personal favorite. I love how all the elements work together. I think that the planets, galaxy, stars, comet, spaceship, and asteroids look bright and fantastic against the black background. If you look close enough, there’s a tiny homage to a certain sci-fi show included. I also like the colors that I used to outline Ozzie’s name, and the framing certainly accentuates them as well.

rock and roll pattern - Girly GirlThen came “Girly Girl.” I’m the first to admit that I’m not a very girly girl so I’m very happy with how the bow, sunglasses, flip flops and perfume bottle turned out.





rock and roll pattern - Colorful Stars

The most recent project is “Colorful Stars.” It’s bright and cheerful, and it has a couple of sister projects: there’s another “Colorful Stars” and a similar “Dark Stars” that both feature awesome bright colors and with black backgrounds that really make the colors ROCK!

I’m extremely happy with how all these rock and roll patterns projects turned out, and I was proud to give them to all the kids and parents.