Florida Cross Stitch Pattern – State Road Sign

This Florida cross stitch pattern and kit are the latest in my series of state highway road signs that are now available in my Etsy shop!
Florida State Highway Sign Cross Stitch

A1AState Road A1A (Atlantic 1 Alternate) is a roughly 330 mile stretch of Florida coastline that starts in Key West and ends at Fernandina Beach, just south of the Georgia state line. It closely follows the Florida coast and is a designated National Scenic Byway. A1A also is the title of a Jimmy Buffett album, but that doesn’t have much to do with needlework…



A1A Sunrise[A1A Sunrise by Craig O’Neal via Flickr]

I can easily customize this pattern for any of your favorite Florida highways, and there are a ton of beautiful drives in the state.

I’ve enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere of Key West. The warm water and the scenery make it a great place to visit.

 [Key West Sunset by Boris Milan via Flickr]

Whether you’re a Floridian, a frequent visitor, or just a fan of the state, this Florida cross stitch pattern and kit would be a great way to create a reminder of a favorite drive or place in “The Sunshine State.”

Florida is just the latest in my series of State Highway signs! Thus far, there’s Colorado (which is also a flood and fire relief benefit until the end of 2013), AlaskaCaliforniaTexas, Washington, and Michigan. Stay tuned for even more…

What are some of your favorite places in Florida?