Beatles Wedding Cross Stitch Pattern

This Beatles wedding cross stitch pattern is now available in my Etsy shop!beatles wedding cross stitch pattern

This cross stitch pattern is a wonderful way to celebrate your big day or to create as a present to your favorite newlyweds or new parents.

The quote comes from the Beatles song “You Never Give Me Your Money” from their 1969 album Abbey Road. The song itself isn’t terribly romantic as it is about their business and interpersonal problems. Nevertheless, the line “One sweet dream came true today” always struck me as a great way to celebrate a marriage, a new baby, or a new start in life.

The photographed example above was made for the daughter and new husband of one of my cousins. Katie and T.J. had a true country wedding with the attendants wearing cowboy boots with their dresses and suits. The reception was in a barn, and the wedding party was transported by horse and carriage. Their colors were two shades of blue and sunflower yellow, thus these were the colors I chose for their project, plus a touch of celery green as an accent.

I would be happy to customize this project to suit the occasion. Of course, I can design the name(s) and date you would like to commemorate. In the Etsy listing, just hit “Ask a question” and we can discuss options and terms for your particular project.

It would also be great to see this project executed with different flosses and especially variegated flosses. Before I knew what the wedding colors were, I contemplated using one of my favorites, the rainbow colors of Anchor 1360 as the floss for either the scrollwork or as the flowers around the scrollwork.beatles wedding cross stitch pattern anchor 1360

I also considered using a variegated floss for the wording as text often looks terrific in subtly changing colors. One example is in my unique take on gratitude – my “Life Sucketh Not” pattern,life sucketh not cross stitch pattern

and another is my “Gluten in Your Muffin” pattern based on a quote from a Saturday Night Live sketch:gluten in your muffin cross stitch pattern

beatles wedding cross stitch patternVariegated flosses or not, I’d love to see this fun project in all kinds of colors and for all kinds of celebrations!

Historic Newton Needlework Pattern

This Newton needlework pattern has a great story behind it:

My Dad’s oldest sister and her husband live in Newton, Iowa. I spent a few weeks there scattered over the summers of my childhood, and my husband and I always stop for a visit when we’re passing through the area.

One of my cousins had her wedding reception at Shay’s Tea Room at the Hunter Mansion in Newton. It’s a beautiful old home, and the tea room suits it perfectly. Just inside the front door are these tiles:

newton needlework inspiration - the entry tile of the Hunter Mansion

This is one of those instances where inspiration hits me like a flash – I would make that into a pattern, needlepoint it, and give it to my cousin as a wedding present. The design came together incredibly fast, and this is the result:

newton needlework pattern - inspired by the entry tile of the Hunter mansion in Newton Iowa

I’ve always appreciated the slightly unsymmetrical tile pattern and wondered if the craftsmen were having a bit of fun with some extra tiles on this one. My pattern is not an exact match, but I think it captures the essence of the tile.

The pattern is available on my Etsy shop. I’ll put the cross stitch and needlepoint kits for this pattern on Etsy this spring – keep an eye out!