DMC Variegated Floss Now on Etsy

I decided to start selling DMC variegated floss. I love variegated floss – the color combinations especially in the 24 new colors offered by DMC are just lovely. I think my favorite must be 4245 – Mystical Midnight (fifth from right in the photo).

the 24 new colors of dmc variegated floss Getting your mitts on the DMC variegated flosses, however, can be tough. Among the big retailers, brick and mortar M*s doesn’t carry variegated floss, and online H*s has them at a reasonable price, but the shipping is expensive considering the weight of the floss. There’s also C*F*L*, which has a good price but we have to buy a box of six at a time, and the shipping again is a bit pricey for the weight. Don’t get me wrong – I understand their shipping charges are based on the dollar value of what your purchase, rather than the actual weight of the items. This makes perfect sense for a big retailer with literally millions of products. However, it’s hard to justify paying $10.00 for shipping 4 skeins of floss. So I think I’ll give it a shot (and with reasonable shipping rates to boot)! Today I listed all 24 newer colors of DMC variegated floss on my Etsy shop. If someone wants a variegated floss that I don’t have listed in my store, just contact me and we’ll make arrangements.

[Update January 2014 – I’m now selling ALL 60 color variations and 16 of the older original flosses in my Etsy shop.]