Washington State Cross Stitch Pattern – Highway Sign

This Washington State Highway road sign pattern and kit are now available in my Etsy shop!

Washington State Highway Sign Cross Stitch

SR 20 @ SR 19The stitched example, Highway 20, runs for roughly 435 miles across the state, and has been called the most beautiful mountain highway in the State of Washington.

[The SR 20 sign in its natural habitat is in this photo from WashingtonState highways blog]

Route 20 from Washington Pass

[Route 20 from Washington Pass by rovingmagpie via Flickr]

I can easily customize this pattern for any of your favorite Washington roads! And with so many beautiful roads in the state, it may be hard to choose just one scenic byway…

 [Overlook at Washington Pass by rovingmagpie via Flickr] 

Whidbey Island

 [Whidbey Island by Egor Gudaev via Flickr]

If you’re a Washingtonian, a frequent visitor, or just a fan of the state, this Washington State cross stitch pattern would be a great way to create a reminder of a favorite drive or place in “The Evergreen State.”

Washington is just the latest in my series of State Highway signs! Thus far, there’s Colorado (which is also a flood and fire relief benefit until the end of the year), Alaska, California, and Texas. Stay tuned for even more…

What are some of your favorite drives in Washington?

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  1. What a lovely treat this morning finding these images on your site of two of my three most favorite parts of this gorgeous state! Thank you!

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